21 Fun Banana Facts: Health Benefits and Beyond

Sure bananas taste great, but there's more to them than just being a tasty tropical fruit snack. They offer many nutrition and health benefits and can come in handy around the house. Discover some fun banana facts about this super-flavorful fruit!

bunch of bananas at market bunch of bananas at market

Banana Nutrition and Health Facts

Discover some of this tasty treat's many benefits from a health and nutrition perspective. Chances are that you'll be rushing out to the store to buy a bunch (or a bushel!) of bananas right away.

  • Need a quick energy boost? Bananas are ideal! They offer complex carbs paired with fiber for sustained energy. Plus, they're rich in vitamin B6.
  • Looking to keep your ticker in great shape? Eating bananas can boost heart health by providing potassium (an electrolyte) while also flushing our excess sodium.
  • Need to get more fiber in your diet to improve digestion or regular blood sugar? A single banana contains about 10% of the fiber an adult needs in a day.
  • Struggling to find natural, whole food to eat on the go? What could be better than a peel-and-eat banana? Toss one in whatever bag you carry and you're set!
  • Looking to transition a baby to "real" food from baby food puree? Bananas (mash them first!) are one of the best options to give to babies as young as six months.
  • Looking to reduce that fat in your favorite baking recipes? Replace up to half the oil with mashed banana. (Just keep in mind that this will increase the sugar content.)
  • Out of eggs or looking to do some vegan baking? A mashed banana can substitute for a large egg in just about any recipe.
  • Love ice cream but need to avoid dairy? Banans to the rescue! They're a secret ingredient for making super-simple vegan ice cream in a wide variety of flavors.

Fun and Weird Banana Trivia Facts

Bananas are as versatile as they are delicious! You might be surprised to discover some of these off-the-beaten-path factoids about bananas. Open your mind to just how fun and weird bananas can be!

banana blossom
  • Allergic to latex? Chances are that you're probably also allergic to bananas! Latex allergies are associated with a type of protein found in rubber trees, banana trees and some nut trees.
  • Bananas are actually classified as berries. Why? Because, botanically, a fruit that grows from one flower that has only one ovary is a berry. How weird is that?
  • In the United States, people eat more bananas than any other fresh fruit, even apples and oranges. On average, each person in the U.S. eats just under 14 pounds of bananas per year.
  • While Americans eat a lot of bananas, not many are grown there. Some are grown commercially in Hawaii and Florida, but most bananas eaten in the U.S. are imported from elsewhere.
  • Wine isn't always made from grapes; fruit wine is growing in popularity. Banana wine provides an interesting tropical take on vino. It's made with both the fruit and the peels!
  • In the Philippines, banana ketchup is a popular condiment that's a household staple. People eat it on hamburgers, omelets, and just about anything traditional tomato-based ketchup would be used on.

Interesting Household Uses for Bananas

Eating bananas isn't the only way to use them around the house. Save the peels, or even the leaves from a banana tree, and put them to good use for these unexpected purposes.

wrap tamale in banana leaf

Fun With Food

While it may not be a good idea to play with your food, there are other ways to have fun with it. Discovering fun facts about bananas is just one of the many ways to have fun with food. For even more culinary cutting up (haha!), check out these food pun examples. You're sure to have an egg-cellent time! From there, boost your food vocabulary by exploring a selection of food idioms.