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Word lists are an excellent and handy way to save your favorite vocabulary words. Store spelling words, new words you want to learn and words you want to remember. Flash cards are automatically created for any word list.

How to Create a Word List

  • Search for the word on YourDictionary and then click on the orange "+Add to Word List" box when you want to create your first word list.
  • We will automatically verify if you are signed in to either your Facebook or Google+ account.
  • The first time you create a word list you will be asked to enter a username.
  • Next, you can give your word list a title and, if you want, a helpful description.
  • Save your word list as "Shared" (available to all YourDictionary readers) or "Private" (for your eyes only).
  • Click "Save Word List."

You can find all of your saved word lists (shared and private) in the "My Word Lists" section in the right hand column as you browse through YourDictionary. Or click "Word Lists" in the navigation area that runs across the top of YourDictionary.


Tips for Using a Word List

Word lists are excellent ways to build vocabulary, practice spelling and increase your knowledge about a particular word.

Here are some ideas and tips on using a word list:

For Students

  • For new readers - Use word lists to build vocabulary.
  • For all grade levels - Create word lists as a handy way to study weekly spelling words.
  • For test preparation - Word lists are excellent for preparing for spelling bees as well as secondary school, college and graduate school entrance exams like the SAT and the GRE.
  • For ESL students - Save basic English vocabulary words onto word lists. For example: colors, days of the week, months of the year, animals, parts of the body, family members, types of clothes, rooms in a house, fruits and vegetables, desserts, beverages, and type of transportation.

For Teachers

  • Prepare vocabulary lists as part of specific lesson plans. For example: special word lists for a math or chemistry lesson or lists of sight words or words from each chapter of a book.
  • Create spelling lists as word lists on YourDictionary for students to study as flash cards.

Word Lists and Flash Cards - Learn More

Word lists flash cards learn more

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