Ainu - Frisian: Grammar and Language Courses

Here you will find links to grammar and language courses in over 100 languages.

Ainu Grammar

Akkadian Grammar

Albanian Grammar

Arabic Grammar

Aramaic Grammar

Armenian Grammar

Artificial Languages

Assyrian Grammar

Aymara Grammar

Azeri Grammar

Basque Grammar

Belarusan Grammar

Bemba Grammar

Bengali Grammar

Blackfoot Grammar

Brahui Grammar

Breton Grammar

Burmese Grammar

Catalan Grammar

Cebuano Grammar

Chamorro Grammar

Chechen Grammar

Cherokee Grammar

Cheyenne Grammar

Chinese Grammar

Chukchi (Chukchee) Grammar

Common Slavic Grammar

Coptic Grammar

Cree Grammar

Creole Grammar


Dakota (Lakota, Nakota) Grammar

Danish Grammar

Dakelh (Carrier) Grammar

Dutch-Flemish Grammar

Egyptian Grammar

English Grammar

Esperanto Grammar

Estonian Grammar

Farsi (Persian) Grammar

Finnish Grammar

French Grammar

Friulian Grammar

Frisian Grammar

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